Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Effect of Computers in Society

        Computers have done a lot to improve society,aided and abetted by humans. Though they have done a lot, it cannot be helped that there are rapid changes in society and its actions. People who have been so content with their old-fashioned life were shocked to see the alarming change of oh so many things, from their habits to their sleeping pattern. As the times grew, the use and knowledge of the modern life spread out to the world. Sure it helped improve the world but look at the nasty side-effects! Computer addiction spread out to teenagers like a disease while innocent young children see or hear things considered unsuitable for their age.
-Makes manual labor more easier to handle and less fatalities.
-Is able to keep track of inventories, etc.
-Makes life easier
-Is a benefit in the field of eduction, medicine, science, etc. with simple commands
-Is purely for entertainment
-Helps increase the flow of knowledge
-Could help decrease problems and keep the peace
-Performs rapid, often complex computation
-Compiles, correlates and selects important data beneficial to man
-May be able to predict weather and to take the necessary precautions
-Helps students procure the necessary information they need
-Computer Addiction
-Repetitive strain injury(RSI)
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome(CTS)
-Carpal Vision Syndrome(CVS)
-Material deemed unsuitable for children may be accessed easily with a click
-Distracts students from their studies
- Greater risks on health

      I have listed few of the pros and cons of computers and gadgetry, but it is up to you if will do what you will or must do. But remember, one day, because of the tinkering of man with gadgetry, something may unexpectedly happen. Our lives are not depended on the modernization of the world, but from the words that drip out of our Heavenly Father's mouth. 
"Man does not live on bread and water  alone, but on the Words of My Heavenly Father who sees all that we do."

Submitted by:
Thea Dacyl C. Madrilejo

Submitted to:
Sir Lowie Paz

References: Webster's New World Dictionary

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