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The Effects of the Computer and the Society

The invention of the wheel was the precursor to our entire transportation system beginning with the cart and progressing to buggies, automobiles and trains. The profound effect of the invention of the printing press changed society by enlightening, educating and bringing the world together. The Industrial Age and Ford?s invention of the assembly line would increase production and manufacturing to provide societies world wide with their needed goods. In the twentieth century, however, there was an invention whose impact on society would far outreach any of its predecessors, the computer. The invention of the computer altered life, as we knew it, in extremely profound ways. Along with the positive effects on our society, we need to deal with the negative impacts as well. Computers are continuously evolving, and so is the effect they have on our society now and will have in the future. -Elijah ^^ Domingo

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Computer and the Society

Due to the advancement of technology today, computers have had a great deal of impact in our society, unlike before where computers are just a mere office machines. Nowadays, computer is a part of a person's everyday life. The past generations lived without a computer, but many of us today would say that our life will be incomplete without it. Most people depend their lives on the computer. The transformation of computers from a plain office machines, which operates on disk operating system(DOS), to a more powerful version of Windows base system, plus the introduction of internet and worldwide web, makes it a big factor that affect every sector of our society. But somehow computer has a goood and bad effect. On the sector of education, internet helps us in our projects, assignments, reports and so on. Just type the word and in just a blink the answers will appear. It is a big help because in a couple of minutes your assignment is done. Unlike when you do research on the library it would take time for you to find that topic. But always keep in mind that all information on the internet was also taken from the book. There are some information that you couldn't find on the net, but you can find on a book. Even though it would take time, you just need to have patience. Internet also gives us entertainment. You could play games, watch movies/videos, or listen to music. Many of us like to play games or probably consume a lot of time on social networking sites, but it can also lead us to computer addiction. Some kids or teenagers are becoming a computer addict. And most often they forget all about their studies and responsibilities. They always think that their lives revolve on the computer. They don't bother to think that their parents are doing a hardwork to earn money to provide them for their studies.

So, to utilize the power of the computer to contribute in a good effect, we must have discipline, and be responsible. As a person, use it to send emails or do chat to your parents who are working abroad instead of spending more time in games and social networking activities. In offices, some employees are spending time surfing the net during office hours, this makes them unproductive.

We should always think that computers are made as a machine that we can use and manipulate to make some of our activities easy, don't allow the computer manipulate us. Do the right thing to have a bright future.

Lucie Ann Marie C. Bonites
Grade six -Our Lady of Annunciation

computer and the society

In our society this days,we now often use the computer in paper works, reports, in searching or studying. Computers are now frequently needed for our every day living. The youth also needs computers for projects, assignments and researches but, the computers also has bad effects for us youth and this is too much use of computer games. The youth this days often plays computer games than studying our lessons and doing our assignments. This is one major bad effect of computer in our society. Education is more important. Being educated is a gift for our parents who works hard just for our studies. To repay them back, we should study well, respect them and obey them. We youth are also important to our society because we hold our countries future. Without the youth what would happen to our country? The youth can change the society in the future. Who would know? maybe you can change our country's status for the next 10-20 years. Our country today might be at crisis but for the next few years, Our country might be at the top!

So why don't we use our computer wisely to have a good future for our society!!!!

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The internet was a major break- through in computing. It enabled people to communicate and transfer information. The internet has been around for about 30 years and it is always has many different uses.It can be used for video and teleconferencing, finding information, buying products and much more. It helped a lot on our society, but like other things, it has its dis advantages too.If the internet isn't used properly because anything can be found on the internet.So the children can be proned to this when not guided,but still there are much more positive than negative effects, it is only up to us to expound on the uses of the computer.Using also internet is one of the things that we can help us to learn more knowledge.It give us the knowledge to know different things in this world.It communicates us. And by using this everyday in our life is one the best thing to do because we will know what is happening to our country even though we are not watching television but we will know whats happening to our country. And not even to our country but still. If we will also know whats happpening to the other country because of the help of the computer.But we all know that computer give as more knowledge but still we have to avoid using computers. Because not all in the internet give us knowledge to know sometimes using internets will not helps us to be a good person because sometimes internets have rude and violents words which is not goog to us.Especially those children in our society...

Nathalie R. Danganan
Agust 5, 2009


Computer and society -AMOROSO

Computer are a big factor to education because teachers, students and parents communicate through this. Computers can be used if you are doing homework's, researches or essays. Computers are a good way of communicating too your relatives or friends in other parts of the world. It is a good way of keeping in touch to other people. But still it has its negative effects on Children because some children get hooked on computers. They cut classes and do a mess on computer programs, and is is considered a distraction. But still they are much more to computers that has more positive effects, especially the internet because it also helped older individuals connect with each other. People with disease or ailments can also gain information through the internet. New jobs have entered the market because of the dependency on computers. The job market in computers is expected to grow in numbers. Small business owners have benefited greatly with the use of the computers and internet.

SUBMITTED BY: Fabriene Gail Amoroso

Computers in Different Fields

How fast the world moves!

From a simple life that man used to have centuries ago, our lives have evolved so quickly, all because of a powerful machine…the computer.

Everywhere you go, whatever we do, we can see the amazing things that the computer has been doing for us. From the time we wake up, go to school or to our offices, then back to our homes for end-of-day activities, we make use of gadgets and machines powered by computers.

Then what are computers? Some say that they are simple electronic devices that accept inputs, process data and produce outputs. Computers may be simple but they can be very powerful. Computers have begun to meet the barrier imposed by the speed of light in achieving higher speeds. This has led to continuing research and development. Continuing demand for more processing power has led to significant changes in computer hardware and software architectures, both to increase the speed of basic operations and to reduce the overall processing time.
Computers have changed society in many ways. Computers are one of the supreme and best inventions ever made in the history of modern technology. It has brought numerous and countless advances to many different fields of studies as well as in the lives of many people. Today, computers have changed how people work and have opened new methods and means of acquiring new knowledge and skills. Computers are now being used in various fields, from education to medicine, businesses, government, science, publishing and industry. Through the computer and the Internet, you'll be able to discover new ways in getting hold of informative and useful information in almost any fields of studies, something that is imaginable and beyond what you can think of. Information that is definitely ready at your fingertips. Let us try to uncover the benefits of computers and the Internet in an individual's daily life.


Computers have been important learning tools starting from toddlers who have computer-aided toys giving them joys to the older grade/high school/collegiate students for their research projects. Far-flung areas can now be reached and their education can now be enriched through the use of computers.


All branches of science, from astronomy to zoology, depend on computers to further their knowledge on increasing the life span of man. The MRI, the PET, and other computer-aided machines help doctors and scientists to better understand the people’s medical needs.

Computer is also important part of modern astronomy. Computers aid observational astronomers in many ways. Man’s first step on the moon would not have been possible without the use of computers. Computers guide telescopes, and they control devices that measure the radiation gathered by telescopes. Astronomers also use computers to work out designs for new telescopes and to analyse data collected with telescopes. Computers have a major role in theoretical studies. A theoretical astronomer might use a computer to produce a mathematical model of the history of a star from its birth to its death.

Do you know that computers have even transformed how you communicate with each other through the advancements in technology?
One of these advancements is the Internet. Who among us does not know anything about the Internet? Perhaps, using computers will never be complete without using the Internet. This global network of networks have swept the lives of many people as daily tasks become handier, communications more convenient, and most of all, sources of information broader and more accessible.

Computer has changed how we do business. Gone are the days of labor-intensive and manual way of inputting data through ink and paper. Now, with a few taps of keys and a few clicks of the mouse, good and productive business is on its way.
Computer opens new doors of opportunities and ventures. Apart from the way you do business, the computer and the Internet has also become our partner in doing business effectively. Products are sold to vast numbers of consumers, and services are provided superbly.

Government offices also depend on computers for its basic needs. From simple letters to the more complicated projects are now being produced through the use of computers. Government agencies and their databases are now interlinked, making it easier for the agencies to monitor economic developments.

Computer and the future
We have seen and continue to see the impact of computers in our lives. Trip to the moon is no longer just a dream. Robots now also play a part, not just as toys but also as handy business crews. Man has also shown that animals, or maybe human beings can now be cloned. Will time come that it would be hard to say who a real man is from its counterpart robot?
Let us work for technological advancements and not for the destruction of the world
Submitted By:
Clarisse Michelle G. Cruz
Grade Six - OLAN

Monday, August 3, 2009


One thing is becoming very clear. Computers have such an important role in today’s society, that it is complete and utter chaos when they fail.

Just being in a department store or super market when the computers go down causes major grid-lock. Just imagine an entire computer system in an airport failing. Or if a major bank were to somehow lose all its banking records. Or all the computers in a hospital went down.

Worse yet is the effect computers have on the entire generation that has been growing up with them. Every single advancement in technology is at the fingertips of today’s young generation. Somehow in this age of computer frenzy, a whole generation is not learning the rudimentary skills of reading, writing and arithmetic. Why worry? A computer does all that for them.

Computer technology has introduced several social changes in the world in general society in particular --- changes which cannot and should not be overlooked by educators whose job it is to prepare young people to function successfully within this new society.

There’s a number of ways in which computer technology has revolutionized lives both at home and at the office. These changes can be summarized as follows:
  1. With the advent of the personal home computer, people are able to bring new forms of entertainment into the home (e.g. computer games).

  2. More importantly, a number of personal business functions (e.g. banking and bill paying, obtain stock market information, make travel arrangements, and even enroll in college courses).
When those who do and do not understand computers can be resolved by providing computer training to those who do not know how to utilize computer resources. And finally, courses can be offered that help people formulate and conceptualize personally satisfying notions of time, distance, and mind in such a way that they are not intimidated by computer technology. In other words, an element in resolving several of the problems arising as a result of the continued development and proliferation of computer technology is education. This fact makes it important to understand how education itself is currently being affected by computer technology and how it might be further affected by it in the future. Computer Technology and Education have noted that the development and growth of computer technology has impacted the educational system in several ways. First, most of the organizational and/or business functions of schools (e.g. payroll, record-keeping, etc.) are handled by computers. Second, an increasingly important part of the curriculum in many schools has become the teaching of computer literacy and other computer-related skills. Third, many classrooms (from preschool through college) utilize computer.

Computers were a new race of machines and most common person did not know anything about them. Today, computers and new innovations like the internet have changed the business world and even our daily lives. How did computers change our world and what affect does it have on society?

Lets first tackle about the computer, “A computer can be defined as a system that mechanizes the processing of information”. The abacus is the oldest-known mechanical computing aid. Its origin is uncertain. Many countries claim to have invented it. Yet has been used in China and in the Mediterranean area in ancient Greek and Roman times. The abacus consists of beads strung on rows of wires suspended within a rectangular frame. It is a computation system of sliding beads on a rack and is still used today. “Through the centuries, several mathematical geniuses invented machines to aid them in their calculations. The machines were never widely used and generally had no direct path to the later develop.

The volume and use of computers in the world are so great that they have become difficult to ignore anymore. Computers appear to us in so many ways that many times, we fail to see them as they actually are. For better or worse, computers have gained access to every aspect of our society. They do more than just simply compute. The technological revolution has taken full swing in providing a lot for everyone this day and age.

Computers can be found in the home, school, factory, and office; digital technologies, such as cameras, video games, and CD-ROMs are also a commonplace. There is no doubt that computers are definitely making individuals smarter and wiser by the second. In fact some people are becoming too smart for their own good.

Submitted by:
Madeleine M. Rayos
Gr. VI – Our Lady of the Annunciation

Computer and society-Dianne Acebedo

Project in Computer
‘’Computers and society’’
Nowadays, Computer is important in the society almost everyone is using the Computer. Computer has really changed the society in many ways because of its amazing power. Computer is now used in different fields such as education, government, publishing and many more. Imagine the first computer is the abacus 5,000 years ago and it can only do two operations the addition and subtraction but now look a computer this present has many lots of uses you can even go to the net using internet browsers such as Netscape, Internet explorer and many more. We don’t know maybe in the future the world is controlled by computer. When we’re using the computer we are also communicating with each other. Communication is the process of sending a message from a human source to a human receiver. Today electronic communications are everywhere for example the Internet, Instant Messaging, Newsgroups and so on. This is made possible by network we use network a collection of computers and devices connected to gather via communication devices and transmission media. Without networks we cannot communicate with each other. A while ago I discuss about the Internet by using the Internet we can enter cyberspace. Cyberspace is a term used to describe the Internet and other networks. In searching the net we have to make sure that we crosscheck and make sure that if you will copy it make sure that we have to recognize the person who make the work we can do this by referencing it. In cyberspace we have to observe proper behavior online it is called netiquettes. Each of us has different responsibilities online. The cyber citizens or netizens have responsibilities. They should show good manners. They should always respect the person that they are communicating in the net by following netiquettes. Today people rely on computers to create, store, and manage critical information’s we have to be careful in searching the net because maybe a computer security risk may occur. A computer security risk is any event or action that could cause a loss or damage to computer hardware, software, data, information, or processing capability. The more common security risk may include viruses and many more. Examples of computer viruses are Trojan horse and worm example of worms are the MELISSA virus and the I LOVE YOU virus. You have to be careful in the net because viruses can affect the performance of your computer it may even destroy your computer. By following some guidelines in preventing viruses you can prevent computer viruses, worm and Trojan horse infections.

-Dianne Acebedo

Computer and its effect on society

''Computer and its effect on society'' are ubiquitous. As computers have become less expensive they have been purchased by more and more families for their homes. Because of this, many children begin to use computers at an early age. Even if computers are not available in their home, children almost certainly will begin to come into contact with computers in school.

Some adults are amazed by how readily

young children use computers. Many children find that using computers gives them a sense of power and accomplishment. And, unlike many adults whose first or primary contact with computers is work related, most children first use computers for entertainment purposes and games. This is by no means the only use that children have for computers. Children also use computers for accessing information, as well as for writing stories and research papers. addition, children use a variety of learning programs, which either seek to teach or reinforce basic skills in math, language, reading, and other subjects. Other software allows children to draw pictures or create visual works of art and self-expression. Communication with others is growing as an application of computers by children, particularly as more homes and schools gain access to the Internet. As computers continue to become more powerful, increasing numbers of children are using computers to create multimedia presentations and even web sites that include pictures, text, audio, and even video.

Name: Erika Faye B. Garcia
6 Our Lady of Announciation

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Effects of Computer in the Society

Effects Of Computers In The Society

Before we know it, technology is going to pass us by. With the invention of the computer and the Internet, the possibilities are endless. Society is changing by leaps and bounds, with no chance of a stopping point in the near future. All this change is dealing with computers and the effects that it will have on the way we live tomorrow. The Internet affects us in every way, most importantly with our social lives, our jobs, and our entertainment. Our social lives are not just communicating with telephones and mail anymore. Going “on-line” is the new way we like to communicate with people. Chat rooms on the Internet are open for people to talk and explore with other people who may live on the other side of the world or the other side of the street. E-Mail is also another popular way to correspond with others. Users can electronically send mail to another person with an on-line mailbox, simply by typing in their message and sending it by the click of a button. Two seconds to send e-mail to someone on the other side of the world is much quicker than a week or more through the ordinary mail. The Internet can also affect our jobs. Computers can calculate and figure out things much quicker than the average person. This process cannot only save time, but money too. Stock trading is now on the Internet, along with banking and any other type of business you could imagine. The world wants thing to be quick and easy. The best answer to that is to have a computer do it for you. In the future, hundreds of millions of jobs will be taken away from honest hard-working employees and will be given to computers. No matter what choices we make, or what plans we change, these outcomes are going to become real. Why would a business pay someone to take phone orders, when a computer can do it in less time and make it both cheaper and easier for the business and the buyer? Computers and the Internet are definitely affecting the way we entertain ourselves. The most basic example is card games. If the computer can deal out cards on a screen with the click of a button, why would anyone want to deal out a deck of cards manually and have to clean them up afterwards? On the Internet, you can gamble with on-line casinos, place bets on a horse race, or even watch movies. People can do all of these activities in the comfort of their own home. No gas money is wasted or time spent driving around to find entertainment so people are happy. The inevitable outcome of this magnificent invention is going to change the world. Society is happy about the way things are changing. Cheaper is better, less time consuming is better. With the choice of having a computer and being on-line, there is almost nothing you cannot do. This remarkable idea of the Internet is going to revolutionize the way we live in the future.

Negative impacts of computers on society

Most of us know the pros of having a computer (links us to other parts of the world and provides us with information we use to have to search for at the library, etc.) These are some of the negative things about the computerized world:

  • The younger generation would rather communicate through computer (easier) than actually working towards making friends or finding love the good old fashion way. Thus, part of the magic of falling in love is lost. People breakup in emails rather than facing the person and as all generations have been taught before we must take responsibility for our own actions.
  • A high percentage of people sit at their computer far too long and some people lose reality as far as social activities and learning social skills. Not to mention packing on the weight and the lack of exercise that will haunt them further on down the road.
  • Sitting behind a computer all day is hard on the eyes.
  • Being on the computer too much takes away the imagination for most (although for a very few they can be creative in advertising and digital imagery, etc. on websites.)
  • Computers can distract a person so much they lose contact with the reality around them such as taking time with family, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, wives and children.
  • It opens up kiddy porn and other immoral things.
  • More crime is committed through the Internet.
  • More misinformation by SOME people on the Internet can cause problems for the younger generation.
  • More person problems by two people on the Internet (never having met) may cause heartbreak or mistrust. It's impossible to know someone well over the Internet.
  • Spammers are annoying.
  • Hackers can ruin your computer system.

Many people do work on the computer from their home but smart people do so much, then get up, get moving and get into shape. They spend time with family and friends and limit their time on the computer.

There is a new generation coming up where information is at one's finger tips too easily and then it becomes a personal thing in some people's lives. Before one knows it all will be like zombies wandering around (out of shape) and wondering why no one is relating to them.

While technology is a wonderful thing it is almost likely that it can be used in an immoral or wrong way. There is a price to pay for everything even if it appears it's making life easier on people.

- Kimberly Nicole D. Cordenete
Grade VI - O. L. of Annunciation

Computer and the Society

Computer affects the society in so many ways.It is used in our everyday life.It helps students do their project and reasearch.It is used in the hospitals to keep track pf records.Some machines are used in supporting the vital organs of human beings in order to sustain their life.Some people use the computer in comunicating with their love one's that work in other countries.Teachers use the computers as visual aid.The military use the computer in designing airplanes and missiles.It can also be used in sreading news around a city or the world.It can be used in studying heaveanly bodies.And most of all I am using the computer in making this project.

Submited By:
James Alison L. Mandapat


COMPUTER affects the society in many ways, positive ways such as it improves our technology. We can work faster if we rely on computers. Communications will be easier especially in business. We can be creative and reliable especially with our works. Computer is very efficient in our works, jobs, schools, hospitals, airplanes, supermarkets all rely on the COMPUTER to do their task. But there are things that are negative when it comes to relying on computers. We cannot always count on them to save our work. Brownouts happen and it happens unexpectedly. Wrong data and information can be inputted by people, so we shouldn't rely much on them. When this happens we will lose all our accounts so it not advisable to always count on computers.
Rudee Nicdao

Computer and the Society

Computer and the Society - Ocoma, Mona Edelyn

A computer is a machine that manipulates data according to a set of instructions.

Positive side:

computer makes our works easier and faster. In School, the school uses the computer store data about their students. when students have a assignment about researching in old times they go to libraries and search in many books but now the students just have a internet connection and just type him/her assignment, print it and it's ready to pass. In transportation when there's a heavy traffic some decide to use MRT or LRT train, MRT and LRT train is controlled by a computer that makes the train very fast!
In Big factories I've found out that they also use computer to controlled the big machines like in gardenia they use big machines because they don't want their bread to be touched by their employees.
In old times when you want to send a message to your relative you'll write it and give it to the post office and the post office will send the letter to the receiver but it will take too many days for the letter to be sent but now there INTERNET that let us give message very fast, when you write you're message today the person that you sent the message will have the message on that day too.

But Of Course There's A Negative Side

Negative side:

The computer have so many games especially in the internet sometimes that game is good that let us entertained but when you play too mu
ch it is called Computer Addiction that makes people don't want to leave the computer. Computer Addiction is one of the problems of the parents because their children always play games that affect their studies, some children when they got home they will open the computer and play games so they won't do their assignments.
some children don't respect the elders anymore, when they're playing games and their parent would ask some favor they will say " let Ate/Kuya do it" or "I will do it later" isn't it bad? some will say bad words to their parents which they learned in other people from the internet.

Project in computer first quarter
Mona Ocoma cn# 36